Nest Cat Bed

Crochet Nest Cat Bed FREE PATTERN
This nest has an eye-catching design and impressed many pet owners around the world. Colorful elements make this nest outstanding. Pet feels comfortable to stay in this nest. They can choose the colorful crochet hook no.8, the carpet tissue one kilogram and cat or two. The size of this beautiful net is ready about 20cm high, 37cm x 37cm wide and 15cm x 11cm mouth. The first step to start this crochet project is crochet 3 ch and ties the entire loop with the hidden loop. Easy to follow techniques to make this extraordinary crochet net for pet make pet owners satisfied and encourage them do it themselves.Check out these free patterns under the links below.

  1. Level: beginner
  2. Author: Hanne Katajamäki
  3. Download FREE Pattern: Nest Cat Bed
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